Beaches in Siquijor

102 kilometers of coast line of white sand beaches! Now who would want to miss that? Siquijor Island is blessed with the natural beauty of white and beaches. The crystal-clear waters of the beach are as inviting as the white coast line which makes a good Snorkeling and Diving area for locals and tourists.

Siquijor Island has six well known beaches. Namely, Kagusuan Beach/ Cagusuan Beach, Solangon Beach ,Paliton Beach, Salagdoong Beachand Cang-iping Beach.

Kagusuan Beach in Siquijor Island

Kagusuan Beach/ Cagusuan Beach

The Kagusuan Beach or Cagusuan Beach is located along the coastline of Maria, Siquijor southeast part of the island. It is open to public and is not considered as the biggest tourist attraction in Siquijor therefore it is remote and quiet. Kagusuan Beach is best seen during sunrise, when the sun breaks the darkness of night.

Solangon Beach

Located near Paliton Beach (3 km away), the Solangon Beach is also considered as one of the best and relaxing beach in the town of San Juan. The beach is located near different beach and dive resorts. It is found only about 100 meters from the main road. The Solangon Beach is also a nice place to see breathtaking view of the sunset.

Siquijor Beach

Paliton Beach

Another sight to see is the Paliton Beach 4km from San Juan, western part of Siquijor Island. Unlike the remote beach of Kagusuan, the Paliton Beach has a number of dive resorts and different accommodations nearby. Nipa huts and small boats can be found as well in the shore for fishermen and sometimes for tourist rides.

It is 1.5km from the main road. A view of Negros Island and Apo can be seen during clear weathers. Breathtaking sun set views can be seen along the beach as well.

Salagdoong Beach

Salagdoong Beach in the town of Maria, is very well known to both tourists and locals. With amenities such as slide and diving cliff, the Salagdoong Beach gives a new thrill to the everyday white sand beach in Siquijor. The beach is open to public and is run by government tourism officials. Cleanliness is well maintained along the beach.

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Cang-iping Beach

Another beach found in the town of San Juan is the Cang-iping Beach. Since most beaches in Siquijor are the same, might as well enjoy every bit of shore it has. Cang-iping Beach is frequently quiet, which makes it a perfect relaxation area especially during sunsets.

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For travelers who just wish to get their sun kissed skin, any of these stunning white sand beaches of Siquijor would make your day. Beaches in Siquijor are also good for diving and snorkeling sights.