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Car Dealer in Dumaguete

Kens Trading has since many years a great reputation as a dealer for new and  used cars in Dumaguete. It is the first address to go when searching the market to buy a car for many people in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental. Kens trading specializes on imported cars mainly from Japan. Interested buyer always find at Kens Trading the car, which fits their needs. Either one is looking for a family car, or  a Pick-Up from Suzuki or a SUV like a Mitsubishi Pajero, the car dealer has a variety of each of them to choose from. One also finds regularly cars from Europe or the US.

Cars for sale in Dumaguete at Kens Trading

The business is family-run with the owner having his watchful eye on the successful operation. Kens Trading is also the place to go if one is looking for a professional tune-up of his vehicle. Professionalism and awareness for safety are important factors when modifying any kind of vehicle.

The owner of Kens trading and his son are also an active Off-Roader.

With many trails all over Negros Oriental, Off-Road adventures are increasing in popularity. They can assist you with advices for the best set-up for the tracks and trails in the Dumaguete and Negros area.

Car Rental in Dumaguete

Well maintained rental cars in Dumaguete are rare. The car rental department of Kens Trading is the exception. Different vehicles of various brands and sizes can be rented for self driving. If one needs a car for a day-trip to the beaches in southern Negros or want to rent a car long term for the vacation in Dumaguete, Kens is the way to go.
Prices for rental cars in Dumaguete
All car rental prices at Kens Trading are depending on the vehicle and how many days one intends to rent the car. To rent a car at Kens, one needs a valid government ID and of course a driving license. The rental cars at Kens are fully insured and perfect maintained.