Kasalang Bayan in Dumaguete City

Kasalang Bayan

Dumaguete City – Negros Oriental

Kasalang Bayan is the Filipino term for a collective wedding or a mass wedding. This means, several couples are wed at the same time. In Dumaguete City, the Kasalang Bayan is usually held on the month of February around Valentine’s Day. The City Mayor precedes the ceremony and officiates the wedding.

What is a Kasalang Bayan?

Getting married in the Philippines can be a hassle to some. That is why most of the Kasalang Bayan are sponsored by the government and is free. Some Kasalang Bayan may also require a small administration fee, however, it is definitely cheaper than having a private ceremony. Mass weddings are held all over the Philippines and has become a tradition in some places.

Kasalang Bayan at Rizal Boulevard

The wedding ceremony starts with all the couples registering at the reception or registration booth and getting their numbers and wedding bands. Then, they line up according to their number and parade the aisle one by one. A quick prayer is made, and a short speech is given by the mayor before the “I do” and kissing part. Before leaving, the newly-weds are entertained and given free cakes and souvenirs. Here are some pictures of the Kasalang Bayan at the Rizal Boulevard (Pantanawan) in Dumaguete City.

Getting Married in the Philippines

As mentioned earlier, getting married in the Philippines can be a hassle. You will need to gather a lot of requirements in order to get a marriage license. Some requirements include marriage license application form, identification card bearing applicant’s residential address, birth or baptismal certificates, community tax certificate, and ID photo. If you are planning to get married in church, more requirements are needed. So, if you are planning to ask the important question of “Will you Marry Me?”, make sure start preparing the requirements for getting married.

Once you get married, you will need to report your marriage to the Civil Registrar Office and get your Marriage Certificate. Want to learn How to Get a Marriage Certificate in the Philippines? Watch the video below!