Infinity Heights Resort – Siquijor

Infinity Heights Resort - Siquijor

The Infinity Heights Resort is the first hillside resort on the island of Siquijor. it stands with easy access to tourist spots such as Francis of Assisi Church, Bell Tower and Convent, Mt. Bandilaan Nature Park, and the Butterfly Sanctuary. It offers a peaceful and exclusive environment without guests having to spend too much since Infinity is well-known as one of the more exclusive places to stay in Siquijor.

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Amenities at Infinity Hights Resort

The spectrum for amenities is quite wide, since guests could opt for peaceful activities such as going for a swim in the unique guitar-shaped infinity pool, or indulging in the offered therapeutic massage sessions. However, for guests that are more outgoing, diving and snorkeling packages are available, as well as excursions to white sand beaches — those are not far from the Infinity Heights Resort proper.

The Infinity Heights Resort, with its intimate space but a rather wide offering of activities, could be a good choice for backpackers staying a few nights in the island of Siquijor. The mentioned recreational activities are just a few of all available, as there is a complete list guests can access upon checking in.