Whether one lives in Dumaguete or is a visitor to the City of Gentle People, there are always a lot of tasks which become much easier if one has a guideline or an idea how to get stuff done a little bit quicker.

One perfect example which annoys expats and locals is paying any bill. Internet-banking is generally under-developed in many ways making online banking to an adventure which costs time and nerves. Paying the electric bill online is not possible at all. Whenever you enter the NORECO IIHoly-Halls” bring a pillow and a lot of time. There is no much difference to any place for paying bills with cash, the water-district being the exception.

The dumaguete.com – team tries to shine a light on different issues and with their experience over many years might be helpful for some of our valuable site-visitors. No matter if it is about paying bills, understanding the trike-fares or extending temporary visitor VISA.