Dumaguete luckier than Bayawan

The pictures and news from Bayawan City refresh the memories of Sendong. With the heavy rain this Sunday many people of Bayawan lost their houses and al the had. Some sadly lost their lifes. Our heartfelt condolences from the whole DI-Net-Service Team.

Banica river in Dumaguete

After Sendong the City of Dumaguete build a new dam to keep the Banica river in its bed. And despite a lot of critics, it did its job in most parts. At some spots the water was only a few inches away to flow over the dam.

A little bit farther up the river, where squatters build their huts at the same spot they got washed away 2 years earlier, the water took them again. Some others tried to cross the river, some made it some sadly didn’t. May they rest in peace.