Candau-Ay Elementary School 2013 Thursday Club Visit

Candauy-ay is the lucky school chosen by the Thursday Club, this club is a non officially Charity organization but this  group of people  are coming together to help kids in different ways. From contributing extra centavos, their time, and effort just to help others who have less than others. This time Candu-ay is the lucky school receiving school supplies for this coming back to school. The Thursday Club came to this school after the Brigada Eskwela (a preparation for the kids coming back to school,) where parents pupils and teachers are helping together to make the school clean, safe, and ready for the school year coming.

here are some photos we have during the Thursday Club Visit.

DINS-candau-ay Elementary School

Thanks You to all people who gives their time and effort to make this event happen, every centavos count and the priceless smile and happy being exited to going back to school is priceless..