Batinguel Elementary School

Batinguel Elementary School

Batinguel Elementary School opened its doors for the first time already back in 1939. The first classroom was in one of the residential houses in the community. When Japanese troops arrived it was closed. It resumed operation in 1945 on a new site which is up to this day the location of the elementary school. This is a 10, 000 sq. meter area that is purchased by the City Government. There were only two classes back then, Grade I and Grade II. These classes were housed on a temporary shack which was constructed by the people in the barangay.

In 1956 the school became a complete elementary school. But this lasted only for one year due to lack of enrollment. It was only in 1962 that the school went back to be a complete elementary school. Its growth in school population is steady resulting in the creation of additional sections, the hiring of additional teachers and construction of concrete school buildings. The school campus provides facilities and its atmosphere is conducive to learning and personality building. In such a setting, dedicated School Heads, Faculty and Staff take the task of achieving Department of Education (DepEd ) Mission of providing quality basic education that is accessible to all.

Batinguel Elementary School

Demographics of Batinguel Elementary School

During the school year 13/14 Batinguel Elementary School had an enrollment of 1,272 pupils. They were guided and taught in 32 sections by 36 teachers. The total land area of the school is roughly 10,000 square meters. It is enclosed with concrete fence and semi-concrete fence in the front combined with iron bars. It has 14 buildings with a school stage at the front portion to its western part.

  • Library Room
  • Science Room
  • Computer Room
  • Canteen
  • Clinic Room
  • School Stage
  • Playground
  • Vegetables Gardening Area.
  • Flowers Gardening Area
  • Principal Office
  • Feeding Center
  • Play Ground
  • Home Economic Room
  • Hand washing and tooth Brushing Facilities
Batinguel Elementary School

Contacts of Batinguel Elementary School

Batinguel Elementary School
Palinpinon Road, Brgy. Batinguel
Dumaguete City
landline: (035) 421 – 0316
e/mail address:
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