Barangay Clearance

Barangay Clearance (Requirements & Procedures)

What is a Barangay Clearance?

A Barangay Clearance one of the easiest documents you can get as a valid proof of your identity. It is a document that contains a person’s name, address, thumb mark, and signature. It also contains the date it was issued and for what specific purpose. It bears the signature of the Barangay Captain and is sealed with the Barangay’s Official Seal.

It is a valid supporting document that can be used for several situations. For example, getting a job, applying for a business permit, opening a bank account, and applying for another ID among many others! It has a validity of 6 months.


  • Filled out the Application Form. (This will be given at the Barangay Hall)
  • Recent Community Tax Certificate (CTC) or Cedula. This is typically issued at the Municipal or City Hall, although some Barangay Halls may issue it as well.
  • Clearance Fee of Php 25. (The fee may vary for every barangay, though the amount is usually less than PHP 100)

Getting a Barangay Clearance in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Visit your Barangay Hall.
Step 2: Politely inform the Barangay Secretary or office-in-charge that you would like to get a Barangay Clearance. State your purpose for getting the document.
Step 3: Fill out the Application Form given to you. After filling up, give it to the officer along with the other requirements.
Step 4: Pay the Barangay Clearance Fee.
Step 5: Upon determining that your name is “clear” or without any bad records, the officer will print out your Barangay Clearance. You will need to sign and put your thumb mark on the document.
Step 6: Wait for the Barangay Captain / representative to sign it and be sealed with the Barangay’s Official Seal.
Step 7: Claim your Barangay Clearance. is a private run website, sharing information we gathered from the offices.
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Most local would know what the term “barangay” is and what are its purpose or duties. For those who are new to this word, watch our Barangay Frequently Asked Questions video below: