Barangay Candau-ay

Barangay Hall in Bantayan

Barangay Candau-ay has the biggest land area of all 30 barangays in Dumaguete. Despite its size, the population count of this barrio is only 4,500. The City Ecological Park is also located in Candau-ay. The Barangay is roughly 7 kilometers north-west of Dumaguete’s city center. It has a total land area of 290 hectare. The City Ecological Park of Dumaguete is located in this Barangay. There are five neighboring barangays namely: Palinpinon of Valencia, Balugo of Valencia, Balugo, Camanjac, and Batinguel of Dumaguete that surround Candau-ay.

Brief History of Candau-Ay

During the early period of the organization of the barrio, there were originally two groups of people who were at war. The two warring groups used long bolos and the hatred against each other continued for a long time. The Visayan word for fight is “away”. The name “Candau-ay” was derived the word “away’ and the name continued to live up to this time, although total peace had been established in this Barangay long time ago.

Candau-ay Elementary School

The Candau-ay elementary school was established in 1958 with only two classrooms and 23 pupils. The student count today is over 55o., which are taken care by 17 faculty members. More Info about the Candau-Ay elementary school here

BarangayFiesta: Every 15- 16 of August Sambunot Festival
(Patron: Saint San Rogue)

Barangay Captain Candau-ay:

Gregorio S. Oira  Mobile 0933 – 563- 4280

Barangay Secreatary: Analyn M. Abilla
Barangay Treasurer: Catherine P. Buling

Councilors of Candau-ay:
Teodulo N. Salvoro Jr.
Aniceto S. Patiño
Regino B. Patajo
Esperato D. Dicen Jr.
Natividad O. Sarita
Manuel O. Maquiling
Danilo A. Alcancia

SK Chairman: 
Christine Jane P. Oira

Address of Candau-ay Barangay Hall:

Barangay Hall Candau-ay
Street,Candua-ay, Dumaguete City
6200 Philippines

Landline: (035)522- 0788

Barangay Captain Gregorio S. Oira

Barangay Captain Gregorio S. Oira