Barangay Tabuc Tubig

Barangay Hall in Tabuc Tubig

Barangay Tabuc Tubic is home to 2,500 residents. The relative small land area is rather high populated.

Brief History of Tabuc Tubig

Before the organization of this barrio, there was an original barrio north to the river. The people living north of the river always referred to the south side as tabuc-tubig, which literally means across the water. When the barrio was organized, the name Tabuc-tubig was adopted and remains unchanged up to present.

Barangay Fiesta: (Every 4th Sunday of May (Patron: Santa Cruz)

Barangay Captain

Meliton Dionisio Caldamo (mobile: 0926 1186 955)

Councilors of Tabuc Tubig:
Randy Pausto
John Paul Trinidad
Pacita Cimafranca
Noel Lim
Roberto Teves
Lelit Badon
Norberta Arborado

Address of Barangay Hall:

Barangay Hall Tabictubig
Corner Angatan road -Valencia Road
Dumaguete City,
6200 Philippines

Landline: (035) 422- 2402
Mobile: +639261186955
Tabuc Tubig Barangay Hall is located just after passing the New Banica-River-Bridge when heading south.

Barangay Captain Meliton Dionisio Caldamo

Barangay Captain Meliton Dionisio Caldamo